Adult Beginning Class

Mystic Mountain

What Type of Classes We Offer

To give anyone the experience of living as Spirit and to provide access to an individual’s own keys to evolve, FSD provides a structured curriculum that focuses on:

• The tools that allow one to consciously co-create their daily life and to direct their own personal Spiritual growth gaining the awareness of why one incarnated here and what is their Purpose.

• How to perfectly understand the many levels of Source, to directly connect to that Divine state instantly and to increase that connection through increasing in vibration and awareness.

• How one learns to move along the path of awareness through the knowledge and direct assessment of one’s personal integrity of their inner thoughts & actions, towards themselves, in their relationships, and in the world.

To create these goals FSD offers to the public:

­An 8-week introductory Basic Level Class* in adult spiritual education to introduce and create a powerful, fast path in an individual’s Spiritual Development, through the introduction of information and direct tools on how to access growth, Source and personal integrity.

FSD provides continuing levels of study beyond the Basic Level for anyone wishing to deepen their spiritual growth in a structured fashion. View Upcoming Class Schedule

* We ask everyone who comes to FSD, regardless of one’s past training, to start in our Beginning Level Class to gain a common language and to realize anywhere they are not aware in their co-creations.
* To take part in the Beginning Level Class everyone must attend the first class to do the series.
* Anyone wishing to attend must first call to reserve a space in the class.

Additional Adult Classes

Intermediate Level 2 – Level 2 is an 8-week class designed to practice using the 6th chakra while reviewing all the basic tools. The focus of this level is toward development of all the basic tools.

Intermediate Level 3 – Level 3 is an 8-week class designed to introduce one to the 8th chakra, using and reviewing all the basic tools from the 8th. The focus of this level is toward practicing the tools from a Beingness or Spirit perspective.

Intermediate Level 4 – Level 4 has a core curriculum of new information for 52 weeks, however attendance in this level may continue indefinitely before an individual is qualified to go to deeper levels of study or to go out in the world to live & practice these tools. The focus of this level is learning and understanding the 7th and 8th chakras, learning to integrate or apply all tools and ethics into daily life with a direct understanding of what it is that’s still blocking one from being a Spirit.


Advanced Levels 5–10  – Once a student has reached a certainty in their awareness and a high level of ethics they will be invited to commit to ‘graduate level’ studies. Levels 5-10 are each a one-year mandatory attendance course of study with a specific focus at each level to free one from any conditioning or programming that comes with living in a body, and all karma that keeps one living as a body. In all these levels, the use and the understanding of living out of the 8th chakra is required, while learning to achieve & maintain higher levels of vibration and awareness. At the end of Level 7 an Advanced 3-Day Retreat is offered to allow an individual to shift in vibration and see their purpose on this planet. At the end of Level 8 another Advanced 3-Day Retreat is offered to allow an individual to shift in vibration while coming into awareness of their Service in this incarnation.