Business Classes

Our Goal

This series of classes will provide Business owners and employees with their own personal tools to create their day and workspace, through the use of meditation and visualization. These tools are designed for any business environment taking the mystery out of the use of intention and energy. The application of these tools will result in experiencing a less stressful day and environment, as well as an increased positive intuitive approach to oneself and increased success in business.

Our View

We believe that an organization’s ability to consciously experience itself as a living force is key to its success with employee relationships, clients and future growth. This energetic knowledge is not commonly taught in the business world. The Foundation offers a unique set of classes and services to provide businesses and organizations with a direct understanding of how energy affects individuals and businesses, and how to use it.

The Benefits

• Enhance leadership abilities and team- building skills.
• Create successful communication by understanding self, others and how to adapt.
• Increase employee motivation, commitment and accountability.
• Develop untapped creative skills within an individual or company.
• Increase trust and alignment as an organization.
• Lower stress and increases productivity, success and harmony in any business.
• Create win/win work relationships between employees, vendors and clients.
• Increase prosperity on all levels.
• Can be taught to and used by your family.

The Class

The Foundation offers an eight-class series designed to advance professional and personal development helping anyone unlock their inherent abilities. You will learn practical techniques that will increase your personal and business successes and productivity, and that you can take home to teach your family and friends as well.

The Tools

The series will provide each individual with their own personal tools through the creative use of intuition and imagination. These tools are designed to take the mystery out of the use of intention and energy. They will provide a direct understanding and experience of one’s unlimited energetic creative abilities in a business or professional environment.


The successful use of these tools is based upon one’s application of ethics, which is a core teaching in all the Foundation’s programs. Ethics are the foundation on which a business and the larger society grow and prosper. The application of these tools promotes self-development, creating positive changes for individuals and organizations, as well as reinforcing the role of ethics in any business interaction.

An Eight Class Series will cover:

• Seeing yourself & business as energy.
• How to establish boundaries that encourage teamwork.
• Making the most of your work time.
• Learning to be neutral.
• How your intention really works.
• How humor changes people’s positions.
• Getting rid of preconceived notions.
• How to most effectively accomplish a goal.
• How to govern your feelings.
• Learning to still the worrying mind.
• Why you react and how to change it.
• Professional ethics & integrity.
• How relationship works in business.
• How to solve critical problems.

TIME: Each class meets for 1 hour.

PLACE: Local classes can be taught on site or at the Foundation’s classrooms in central San Rafael, CA. FSD also offers these classes in a special seminar format that can be taught anywhere throughout the United States.

FEE: Rates available upon request.

For information about Business Classes, contact the Foundation