Private Readings

We may often find ourselves confronted with important choices in our life where logic & common sense still do not provide enough information to make a practical decision to move forward. This can be the result of many factors past, present or future, but slightly outside our conscious mind or beyond our experience. At times like this we often feel lost or confused about where to turn to get our answers.

In the past people often went to the village elder, shaman, priest, or a respected loved one because they believed this person could draw upon their knowledge and a bigger picture to help open the mind to other possibilities beyond the present fears and doubts.

We believe everyone has their own wisdom innately held in their Spirit, but simply don’t know how to access it. We also believe it is the individual who sets the intention to find that answer and by holding a safe space for them, they will energetically provide the question, block and answer in their energetic space. With the right tools and training one can see this energetic information for others or one’s self. Therefore we see a private reading a safe space where one can have their own answers simply reflected back with simple steps to put those answers into play in their life and feel inspired and safe in choosing and moving forward into unknown areas.

All FSD teachers have experience and training in giving private readings. We do not consider ourselves psychic readers, but growth teachers that access many gifts to help others gain more control and self-power in intuitively supporting their logic in making the choices that guide their lives.

Fee: All teachers have a different fee schedule and work by appointment. Phone readings are sometimes available as well.

Here is a list of FSD teachers who provide this service and their contact information. Please call or email to make an appointment.

Name Contact Information
Alexandra Velickovic (415) 450-7862
Anee Schneeman aneemara [at] gmail [dot] com
Brett London (415) 608-8016
Christi Levannier (415) 686-4771
Eric Otto Ottoguide [at] gmail [dot] com
Lisa Kay lisa_kay at
Maya Paul Mayawpaul [at] gmail [dot] com
Plamen Tanev (415) 299-0582
Ryan Rigoli (650) 224-1968
Sandy Pires (415) 601-8414
Sheri Remail (415) 686-3727
Veronica Cowen (415) 272-6599