Personal and Business Experiences with FSD

In a clear and demystifying method, FSD trains business professionals to use energy to enhance personal power, productivity and ethics directly impacting leading with integrity, team building and the bottom line.
– Jenai Lane, San Francisco Woman Entrepreneur of the Year

Since taking the classes with FSD I’m a lot less reactive and can deal with issues in a calmer more centered way. Utilizing my intuition consciously with my patients has allowed me to anticipate and deal with their problems in a pro-active way. Being aware of the energetic causes involved has directly enhanced my ability to help them on a deeper level.
– Dr. Iole Taddei O.D.

FSD’s curriculum continues to make an enormous difference in my productivity at work. I manage stress, make difficult decisions and plan for the future of my organization with remarkable ease and efficiency.
– Sam Bower, Executive Director of a nonprofit organization

The skills and knowledge gained from FSD have helped me become more effective in my working and personal life. By applying these skills in business, I have gained greater insights on leadership and relationship building allowing me to better lead groups and individuals toward desired results, achieving a higher level of performance. In today’s competitive, fast-paced marketplace, the ability to create and apply your time and energy to manifest best results is a must. The teachings at FSD gave me the ability to achieve this reality fast.
– C.B., Director, The Coca-Cola Company

FSD’s neat curriculum has dramatically improved morale and effectiveness in communication throughout our entire organization. The development, property management, accounting, and marketing teams have gained the invaluable ability to both personally and professionally understand the entire organizational goals. On a personal basis, FSD has allowed me to improve my understanding and view of others and their needs.
– Richard K. Robbins, CEO, Wareham Development & Wareham Property Group