Seminars & Lectures


Many people do not live locally, but wish to understand the work that FSD is offering. Since it is not possible to set up classes that offer continued support and reflection in other parts of the world, we have found that we can impart tools and meditations that can supplement & accelerate the growth work people are committed to outside our area.

We have created a series of different seminars & lectures that we can bring to your location. These seminars are designed to help participants unlock their natural intuitive abilities, speed up their spiritual evolution and bring them closer to their true selves. During the course of the seminar they will be introduced to & learn practical techniques that can help make their life work better.

Based upon your particular interests & needs a seminar can be designed to directly address those interests.

Possible Seminar Series Topics can cover:

  1. Tools for Growth
  2. Health & Healing
  3. How to Create Abundance
  4. How to Create Relationship
  5. How to Create Work & Clients
  6. Developing Your Intuition
  7. Understanding How Relationships Work
  8. Meeting Your Guides
  9. Connecting to Source
  10. Making Aligned Choices
  11. Living Ethically in an Unethical World


FSD currently offers one or 2 day seminars with a format that’s adjustable, including a possible opening night lecture, before the seminar, to give people that aren’t sure the chance to observe the information and to decide if they have a desire to participate.

If you are interested in bringing the Foundation’s Seminar Series to your community, please contact us. We would require at least 15 participants and a space to share this information and we would be happy to schedule a time to come to your city or community.

Fee:   Seminar rates can be determined upon request. Seminars would be by a fee schedule (including transportation, lodging, & meals where appropriate). Sliding scale and student rates would be available for participants as well.

For more information about Seminars and Lectures, contact the Foundation