Land/Property Clearings

Property clearing

We can all be impacted in our daily lives by out-of-balance energies that are stuck in our homes, workplaces, and the land we live on. These energies can simply be the residue from past conflict (from arguments to wars), from past emotions (sadness, grief, anger, etc), or even from past stress (work deadlines, frustration, conflicts). Many people live or work in places where those types of negative energies were perpetrated over a long period of time, consciously or unconsciously, and those energies still exist there today affecting those that work, visit or stay there now.

Although these energies happened long in the past they are attached to the home & property and have a direct effect today on the owners, occupants and the land’s well-being. There can even be energy beings that have died who still feel drawn to the land and building because they have not yet resolved or healed from their past experiences there. To honor our own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies it is important to clear energies left in these places from past pain and suffering that have occurred in the past, and move on those energy beings still in these homes or on the land.

In ancient traditions, it was normal to do a ceremony to clear, heal, harmonize and protect such a space for present and future generations. Often this was done with ceremonial dance, prayer or singing for the benefit of those that could not see the energy. During such ceremonies the shaman or priests would use their intention or energy to create healing, forgiveness, release and balance. Often they would make use of physical objects like stones, crystals, water and smoke to cleanse and anchor in a new balanced healing energy. In energetic or physics terms they were releasing an old paradigm and setting in a new and healthy vibration. In today’s world we can achieve the same results through the use of intention without the use of dance or singing. This is what we believe energy house/property clearings are.

Land ClearingIn an energy house/property healing, one or more teachers from FSD would gather together at the site to clear and honor the land. They would follow a protocol that would clear the land of any negative energies by anchoring in new vibrational Intentions matching the needs of the current occupants, address, remove and heal any negative energies or energy beings present, and bring in high vibration energetic guardians aligned with the owners and future use of the property to hold the healing in place.


Fee Structure

Fee:   Small projects are by donation.

Large projects would be by a fee schedule (including transportation, lodging, & meals where appropriate).

For house/property clearing requests, please contact the Foundation