Health Care Giver Classes


This series of classes will provide Care Givers with their own personal tools through the use of meditation and visualization. These tools are designed for a healthcare environment taking the mystery out of the use of intention and energy. The application of these tools will result in stress reduction, increased confidence in oneself and overall balance and well-being.

Our View

You must secure your own oxygen mask, before assisting others. This concept would greatly benefit the Healthcare Industry, i.e., Care Givers securing their own sense of well-being, before taking on the task of helping others.

We have entered into an era in which integrative medicine has become an accepted norm.  Physicians, healthcare workers and administrators are incorporating complementary modalities that will work together to provide the best care for patients, however, there is little or no focus on the providers themselves.

Healthcare workers can affect a patient’s well-being and recovery by the way they approach their job. If they feel balanced themselves and if they understand that they are truly part of the recovery process, the positive impact they have on the client increases exponentially. Larry Dossey, M.D. in his book, Reinventing Medicine, makes references to studies, including one that Dr. Elizabeth Targ (California Pacific Medical Center) headed. This study showed a direct correlation to how someone’s intentions can affect the healing process.

No one will ever be able to come to work every day in a perfectly calm and compassionate state. Life at home (finances, relationships, etc.) can often times put employees in an energetically imbalanced state causing tension with co-workers, mistakes on the job and impacting the patient experience and recovery process. Healthcare workers have been trained in many areas on how to care for the patient but do not have the necessary tools to care for themselves.

It is our belief, that the rate of burnout among Caregivers could be decreased significantly by supplying them with knowledge that will help them maintain their own health and energy level.  It is our desire to provide healthcare workers with tools that will help them stay focused, maintain their health and enjoy a sense of personal well-being while simultaneously giving to patients.

The ultimate success of the patients’ journey back to health is determined by the ability of the Caregivers to give of themselves. We believe this is in the best interest of the patient as well as the Caregiver. As healthcare workers gain abilities to feel their best they are better equipped to give their patients the compassion and expert attention they deserve.

FSD offers a series of classes that are devoted to creating well-being and harmony for caregivers which has a direct impact on the success of their clients and organization as a whole.

The Class

This is an 8-week presentation of Health As Energy Series For Caregivers. This series includes all the basic tools and concepts that are the foundation for one to start to understand, relate and interact with health, themselves, the patient and their environment as energy. During this series of classes we focus on the provider, giving them the tools necessary to affect their own well-being, ultimately resulting in better patient care. We will give them the knowledge to balance and increase their energy at work and to feel empowered in the healing process. We believe providing this service for your employees is in the best interest of both the employee and the patient.

The Benefits

• Quick ways to alleviate stress while on the job.
• Breathing and grounding techniques for regaining emotional control in stressful situations.
• How to multi-task without losing focus.
• Visualization techniques to protect against the effects of an angry or irrational patient.
• How one’s own subtle energies or moods can affect how a patient responds.

The Tools

The series will provide each individual with their own personal tools through the creative use of intuition and imagination. These tools are designed to take the mystery out of the use of intention and energy. They will provide a direct understanding and experience of one’s unlimited energetic creative abilities in a business or professional environment.


The successful use of these tools is based upon one’s application of ethics, which is a core teaching in all the Foundation’s programs. Ethics are the foundation on which a business and the larger society grow and prosper. The application of these tools promotes self-development, creating positive changes for individuals and organizations, as well as reinforcing the role of ethics in any business interaction.

An Eight Class Series will cover:

• Understanding health as energy.
• Understanding yourself as energy & your health as a balanced energy system.
• Staying stress-free on the job.
• How not to let others drain your energy.
• Creating an effective healing environment.
• How to not react to anything or take things personally.
• How Intention vs. Force works in creating health.
• How to positively affect the healing process for another.
• Humor as a healing tool.
• How to govern your feelings and still be caring.
• Learning to differentiate your energy from others.
• How to use your intention during healing.
• How to be ethical in the Health Care system & in professional relationships.
• How Meditation helps the healing process.
• What happens when a disagreement won’t resolve.
• How to confront situations and find resolution.

TIME & PLACE: Each class is one hour and can be taught on-site. FSD also offers these classes in a special seminar format that can be taught anywhere throughout the United States.

FEE: Rates available upon request.

For information about Health Care Giver Classes, contact the Foundation