Children & Teen Classes


This series of classes will provide children and teens with their own personal tools through the use of meditation and visualization. These tools are designed for a child’s or teen’s use taking the mystery out of the use of intention and energy. The application of these tools will result in increased confidence in oneself and overall balance and well-being.

Our View

Children have innate natural abilities that they can use to help themselves and others. These tools are not taught in a scholastic system, but are intrinsic in the development and success every child needs through their many steps in their education. While classes focus on learning to use energy and intuition, it will deal directly with practical situations. FSD will provide a series of classes to help young children & young adults understand and know themselves energetically.

The Benefits

• Children will learn how to study better and improve their grades.
• They can become more skillful in extra-curricular activities.
• Learn to communicate with parents and friends more clearly and effectively.
• Create safe and supportive relationships.
• Learn how to deal with peer pressure.

The Tools

The series will provide each child with their own personal tools through the creative use of intuition and imagination. These tools are designed to take the mystery out of the use of intention and energy. They will learn how to focus and understand how they are naturally gifted at learning in school, sports, music and the arts. They will learn how to maintain a sense of self so that they create meaningful friendships and feel safe in all types of social interactions. They will learn to trust their imagination and creativity. And they will learn how to respect themselves and communicate more clearly with their parents. Each class will be fun and excitingNo prior experience is necessary. It would be important for each child to consider a friend they can bring to learn & practice these tools with. It is often helpful to have someone they like to share this work with, to make it more real for them.

The Classes Offered

• 4 week series – ages 6-8
• 6 week series – ages 8-12
• 8 week series – ages 12-16

The Four, Six or Eight Week Class Series will cover:

• Learning How To Ground
• How to Do Energy Healings
• Dowsing For Energy
• Protecting Yourself
• Learning To Be Invisible
• Meeting Your Guides
• Meditation
• Building Intuitive Abilities
• Helping Relationships Work

TIME: Each class meets for 1.5 hours.

PLACE: Local classes can be taught on site or at the Foundation’s classrooms in central San Rafael, CA. FSD also offers these classes in a special seminar format that can be taught anywhere throughout the United States.

FEE: Rates available upon request.

For information about Children/Teen Classes, contact the Foundation