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Due to the national emergency about the corona virus covid-19, the recent recommendation by the CA Dept of Public health and to stay in ethics with the other tenants in our building, we’re adhering to the suggested guidelines and cancelling in-person Healing Circle (as well as all classes) through the rest of the month. 

You can still request to be on the remote healing list. We will include all requests in our remote healings each Wednesday.

We may find ourselves confronted with a physical reaction stuck in our body or mind creating serious illness or disharmony. There are many reasons an acute or chronic illness can manifest, but that is not the purpose of a healing circle. Diagnosis and treatment are necessary and come directly from the medical community. After the appropriate medical support many people wish for spiritual support through energy healing or prayer. There can be many emotional, mental & spiritual stresses that factor into recovery and if a safe place is held, these negative energies can be released, forgiven & let go. Many times these energies happened long in the past and they are stuck in the energy field of the person simply because they have not been addressed energetically. The goal of the healing circle is to support the healing process and give hope regardless of the healing path one takes.

In ancient traditions, the circle was regarded as the main symbol for understanding life’s mysteries and it was normal to do a ceremony in a circle to clear, heal, and harmonize the energy field of the ill individual or group. Often this was done with ceremonial dance, prayer or chanting for the benefit of those that could not see the energy. During such ceremonies the shaman or priests would use their intention or energy through action or prayer to create healing, forgiveness, release and balance. Often they would make use of physical objects like religious icons, blessed water and oils to cleanse and anchor in a new balanced healing energy. In energetic or physics terms they were releasing an old paradigm and setting in a new and healthy vibration.

In today’s world we can achieve the same results through the use of intention without the use of dance, chanting or physical objects and research on prayer circle support has shown there is a significant impact in healing from energy healing whether it is immediate or long distance.

As a Minister, Dana Duryea, has led a group healing circle for those that request assistance on their healing journey, meeting weekly in silent prayer since 2004. During the hour-long session participants can sit and meditate in that silence or ask to receive those prayers remotely or at long-distance.

Fee:   All healing circles are free and by appointment.

To request a healing circle appointment: Please fill out the below form with the words “healing circle” in the Subject line.  Request a date that you would like to attend the healing circle in person. We will respond to let you know if there is space still available. If not, we will add you to the remote healing we send during each session.

To request a remote healing: Fill out the below form with the words “healing basket” in the Subject line and the name of the person and the condition to be healed in the message. This message will be placed in the Healing Basket for a period of one month.

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