Public Reading & Healing Night


As part of our service to the community, FSD offers a free public Reading and Healing Night every other month of the year. This is a way that both students and teachers at FSD give back and practice the growth they learn in a way that helps others.

Unlike a private reading, where people are looking for answers to important decisions they have to make, people often find themselves pondering many paths or issues where they simply just want get a different perspective.

Usually people talk to friends and loved ones to get insights because they hope that they might gain some feeling of certainty by talking it out. While this can often be very successful there can be limitations due to lack of real knowledge or attachment from hoping something doesn’t change too much. So FSD tries to offer an additional opportunity for someone to gather information pertinent to his or her needs.

We believe everyone has their own wisdom innately held in their Spirit, but simply don’t know how to access it. We also believe it is the individual who sets the intention to find that answer and by holding a safe space for them, they will energetically provide the question, block and answer in their energetic space. With the right tools and training one can see this energetic information for others or one’s self.

Therefore we offer this public forum as a safe space where one can investigate possibilities of choices and have this information simply reflected back and feel excited or relieved to know that they are in charge of their lives when choosing and moving forward.

During the free reading or healing a participant would simply state their intentions or questions and a small group of trained students and teachers would try to respond with insights or energy that would help that person feel more certainty about their choices.

This differs from private readings in that we are trying to offer the space where one has support in areas they already have a good feeling about. We do not consider ourselves psychic readers, but a growth school teaching anyone to be able to access their own natural gifts to help themselves and others.


Fee:   Reading & Healing Night is free and open to the public. There is no need to make a reservation.

Simply click on “New Class PDF Schedule” above and to the right for our flyer, which lists the next date & time to come.