Health As Energy  Series for Caregivers:

This is an 8-week presentation of Health As Energy Series For Caregivers. This series includes all the basic tools and concepts that are the foundation for one to start to understand, relate and interact with health, themselves, the patient and their environment as energy. During this series of classes we focus on the provider, giving them the tools necessary to affect their own well-being, ultimately resulting in better patient care. We will give them the knowledge to balance and increase their energy at work and to feel empowered in the healing process. We believe providing this service for your employees is in the best interest of both the employee and the patient.
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Adult Growth Classes

An 8-week introductory Basic Level Class in adult spiritual education to introduce and create a powerful, fast path in an individual’s Spiritual Development, through the introduction of information and direct tools on how to access growth, Source and personal integrity. (FSD provides continuing levels of study beyond the Basic Level for anyone wishing to deepen their spiritual growth in a structured fashion.
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Children and Teen Classes

This series of classes will provide children and teens with their own personal tools through the use of meditation and visualization. These tools are designed for a child’s or teen’s use taking the mystery out of the use of intention and energy. The application of these tools will result in increased confidence in oneself and overall balance and well-being.
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