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The Foundation for Spiritual Development (FSD) is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit religious organization dedicated to raising awareness, compassion, and well-being through meditation, creative visualization and public service. FSD provides practical spiritual tools and knowledge that can help anyone to grow rapidly in awareness, foster compassion and achieve inner balance so as to better know themselves and their environment.

The core concept FSD holds is that everyone is a Spirit regardless of their past experiences or labels and that everyone holds the keys to their own evolution. What everyone is missing, however, is the permission, knowledge and ability to live consciously from Spirit. Our intention is to provide a safe pathway that allows anyone to know themselves as Spirit, to create their lives through Intention, and to find the way that their purpose translates into Service.

“The ‘Teaching’ path is just one way to experience evolution. This path is about having access to information that helps one move forward in Growth, connection to Source, and in Ethics without attaching it to the messenger.

Growth aligned with Purpose will have the highest impact as it supports what it is one’s Spirit is trying to experience. However, most people do not remember their Purpose anymore than they remember who they were before they were born, which makes this process difficult. Who you are before you were born and after you die is you – Spirit. You are not your name, your body, your age, your gender, your memories, or your feelings. These are all just the car in which you as Spirit have chosen to drive and none of these qualities know your Purpose or why you are here on the planet.

Therefore, this work is not about being a Body becoming more and more spiritual. Instead it is about experiencing yourself as who you truly are, a Spirit in a body, being at Cause and Co-creating your life. It is not about becoming psychic, which is a natural ability of a Spirit, but to experience Knowing and Love in Growth and Co-creating your reality; to experience Awareness and Compassion, of yourself & your Purpose, of your loved ones, and of all realities.”

Dana Duryea – Executive Director
Foundation for Spiritual Development

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