Our View of Service

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In living and co-creating here on the planet, there are many paths one can participate in.  FSD holds that while one’s Purpose defines what one is here for, one’s Service is how to actualize that Purpose in the world. The highest path one can have with their Purpose is to align it with Service; Service to family, to others, to society, to the land, to other living organisms, to the Universe, to Consciousness, to Source.

As bodies, people often perceive service as ‘doing’, or some form of action, with a goal of something ‘good’ happening. This stems from concepts and beliefs, often the result of  ‘bad’ experiences or programs one unconsciously accepts, that left unchallenged will lead to actions that actually create more suffering.

We believe that to achieve aligned Service or to live in Right Action, one must first pay attention to 3 areas of choice:

• Holding Intention – making choices to co-create as a Spirit rather than as a body or from reaction.
Achieving Stillness – Experiencing and holding that state of alignment with Source; just Being.
Actively Listening – Staying open to a Universal Law of reflection that allows instant feedback to any choice, thus like a sonar system can allow one to navigate through situations where there is a lack of neutrality.

Trying to do Service without holding one’s desired Intention, Stillness and Listening is not wrong or useless, but will lead to consequences that do not have the impact the Spirit is longing for.

While through the growth classes we ask that participants explore what Service means to them personally and to enact it in their lives, we also ask them to participate at their level of commitment in Service to the community through 3 existing venues FSD offers to the public:

­- Providing free personal Intuitive Readings & energetic healings to the public through a bi-monthly Reading & Healing Night we offer at the center, as well as through public fairs & forums FSD participates in.

­- Providing free House & Land Clearings for individuals hoping to clear energies in any space limiting health or wellness, including issues effecting real estate transactions.

­- Participating in a free weekly Healing Circle to assist through prayer & energetic healing anyone whose health is out of balance.

In providing Service in these ways, FSD hopes to give back to the community through its practical gifts.

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